...as the late, great Seamus Heaney wrote - I have been doing a lot of it in my garden; nettle roots, brambles and briars. Clearing space. Also, since Edinburgh, I have had time for more School of Night and Showstopper shenanigans, an appearance in the new i=u festival in Hackney -  http://www.iequalsufestival.com/ - reciting Poe's the Tell-Tale Heart with two clarinettists, and  a reading of Daisy Campbell's new adaptation of Robert Anton  Wilson's Cosmic Trigger. Next weekend my first glut of theatre in ages, including Rylance's much-maligned Much Ado at The Old Vic, and the mighty Blood and Chocolate in York http://www.pilot-theatre.com/?idno=1183 - . Anon.

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