Annus Mirabilis

Impossible to understand that it's already six months since I last posted here. Cosmic Trigger is over, the might Flood project is over, I have MC'd for Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty for the Welcome to the Dark Ages 3-day event in Liverpool (July) and again for their more modest but equally anarchic Burn The Shard event just a few days ago (named for a central event in their novel 2023, the source of all - much of - these events). Somewhere in the middle there I squeezed in 3 sublime, candlelit performances of John Lyly's The Woman In The Moon at the Sam Wanamaker Theatre. But Flood was so huge, such a massive effort and achievement for everyone involved, it's the hardest to imagine gone. Hull, beautiful Hull (yes it is) became like a second home. I'm glad I'm still near the water, albeit Channel and not Humber. Next, fun and games for the Living Advent Calendar, here in Folkestone-on-sea. Christmas by the sea. Hooray.

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